The Tripolis Business Support team gives you a warm welcome to our website!

Tripolis Business Support has a mission: to improve entrepreneurs at entrepreneurship. We achieve this by advising you as entrepreneur, guiding you where needed and by taking your ancillary matters into our account. Our team has specialists in e.g. finance, tax, IT, insurance, risk-management and communication. What distinguishes us from other offices is commitment towards our clients and expertise on their line of work.

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Besides Advisory Projects, we also have the Entrepreneursdesk . In our Entrepreneursdesk you will not only be given advice, but also your administration will be taken care of. You can let us worry about administrative hassle and deadlines, while you focus on your core business. Our Entrepreneursdesk delivers custom fit work for every entrepreneur.

Our employees are your advisers as well as your sparring partners. Your adviser knows you and your company, which enables him or her to detect risks and chances quickly. We will bring out the best in your company.

In our Tripost we share our daily matters and matters that are of significance for entrepreneurs. The Tripolis App offers hundreds of answers to all your questions on entrepreneurship. If you make a personal account and fill in your interests, we can offer you advise and news that is just right for you and your company. The Tripost and the Tripolis App are both available in Dutch only.