CSR statement

Corporate Social Responsibility

What can you expect of Tripolis Business Support’s corporate social responsibility?
Tripolis Business Support is a commercial business that advises small and medium companies, as well as no-profit organisations. As a commercial business, the advises of Tripolis Business Support focus on the profitability and continuity of the clients’ companies. Tripolis Business Support is a reliable, professional and independent company. It confirms itself to the rules of conduct and professionalism of accountants (www.nba.nl) and is a member of the Order of Register Advisers Netherlands (www.ovran.nl). Tripolis Business Support takes the interests of its employees, the society and the environment into account.

Employees’ interests
The employees of Tripolis Business Support get the opportunities to develop personally. They get space and are encouraged to expand their knowledge, work independently, think in a creative way and take responsibility. All employees gather ones a week to discuss current projects and share knowledge through presentations.
A pleasant working environment is of great significance. To create an enjoyable working environment, attention is being given to working together and integrating to the workplace. This is being expressed at the yearly “Reflection day”. During this day, the employees discuss in informal setting, after a collective activity, diverse topics that they chose themselves.

Society’s interests
Tripolis Business Support and its employees are involved in social affairs. The employees gladly share their knowledge with regional associations and foundations.
Besides that, Tripolis Business Support sponsors diverse society involved organizations like foundation Het Bergdorpje van Nederland (The Mountain-village of The Netherlands).

Environmental interests
Tripolis Business Support invested a sizeable amount in sustainable technologies for isolation, lightning and air-conditioning when rebuilding the new business establishment in Hulsberg.

Sustainable entrepreneurship and advise
Tripolis Business Support aims to make its clients aware of the importance of sustainable entrepreneurship.