No entrepreneur is the same. No problematical case is the same.

We call problematical cases projects. We monitor the progress of projects and adjust its course where needed. We regularly illustrate some of our recent projects on this page.

Business plan art centre

A historical building is being set up as an art centre with a permanent exposition of the owners´ own work. To make the building into a creative centre, workshops and quarters are designed to host artists from all around the world. A temporary high-quality exposition is set up every year for everyone to visit. We have composed a business plan and are counselling the funding for this entrepreneur.

Participation agreement

The participation agreement is applicable when some of the key team members join the circle of shareholders. We counsel the fulfilment of the position of shareholder with limited control. To prevent fiscal consequences from happening, we check everything with the tax authorities. We also take care of the presentations for the owners and key team members and we take care of the execution of the new juridical structure.

Using the following diagram we illustrate the ways in which we can serve entrepreneurs.